Tyler The Creator Shows Up In Kali Uchis’ Colorful, Funky ‘After The Storm’ Video

Kali Uchis recently released “After The Storm,” a soulful single from her upcoming album. The funky, eclectic track showed off not only Uchis’ vocals and songwriting skill but her ability to fuse three different worlds. Bootsy Collins, Tyler, The Creator, and producers BADBADNOTGOOD are musical geniuses in their own right. The ensemble came together for a soulful, inspiring collaboration that helped build anticipation for Uchis’ debut studio album which is due this spring on Interscope.

Today, Uchis released a colorful video for the track. The Nadia Lee Cohen-directed visual employs a fun, cartoonish theme. It’s worth noting that Bootsy Collins’ Parliament Funkadelic group preceded the prime of music videos. This video in part showcases how zany their visuals would have been with modern technology, as Bootsy appears on a “Funky Flavor Flakes” cereal box.

Elsewhere in the video, Uchis creates a grocery list on which a “Lover” is the main item she’s seeking. She sings in a grocery store and on a well-manicured lawn, where Tyler, The Creator isn’t quite the Flower Boy but pops up out of the grass anyway to tell the object of his affection they’re the “Tito to his Randy,” which is probably the first and only time that reference will be uttered.