Kamala Harris Prompts Hilarious Conspiracy Theories After Calling Tupac The Best Rapper Alive

One of the great conspiracy theories in music history is that Tupac, who died in 1996 after being shot during a drive-by, is still alive somewhere. Now, Kamala Harris has added fuel to that fire with her pick for the best rapper alive.

The NAACP hosted a virtual convention over the weekend, and part of that was a conversation with the vice presidential candidate. During a lighter part of the chat, Harris was asked who is the best rapper alive, and she answered, “Tupac.” When reminded that Tupac is in fact not alive (officially, anyway), she responded with a laugh, “I know, I keep doing that.” She then continued with an apparent jab at Kanye West: “Who would I say? I mean, there’s so many. I mean, you know… there are some I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane.”

Ultimately, it was a silly moment of no consequence, but that didn’t stop Twitter jokesters from taking Harris’ words as confirmation that Tupac is still alive. As one Twitter user put it, “either Kamala Harris is out-of-touch with modern hip-hop, or………… a sitting US Senator with SCI Security Clearance just let slip that Tupac is alive.”

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