Kanye West Is Literally On Fire In His New ‘Come To Life’ Video

To wrap up August, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share a video for Kanye West’s Donda highlight “Come To Life,” which featured footage from West’s Chicago listening event at Soldier Field. It seemed at the time that this wasn’t an official video for the song, given that the only place it appeared was Kardashian’s Instagram page. Now, though, the clip actually has been released as the song’s official video.

The video starts with a wide shot of West’s re-creation of his childhood home before transitioning to a shot of him becoming engulfed in flames. Then, for the clip’s latter half, Kardashian meanders around the stage in a wedding dress before coming face-to-face with West. While using live footage for an official video could be perceived as a cop-out, the listening event was cinematic in nature and basically something like a live music video shoot, so it feels appropriate here.

While the video features a remake of West’s childhood house, the rapper apparently tried to have the actual building moved to Soldier Field for the event, but was unable to secure the permits required to do so.

Watch the “Come To Life” video above and read our review of Donda here.