Kanye West Has Apparently Gotten Back To Work On His ‘Donda’ Album After Taking A Break

Kanye West has been in the news over the past year, although the focus was usually on his failed presidential campaign or his rumored divorce from Kim Kardashian and not his music. Now that the dust seems to be settling on those first two points, though, it seems like he’s getting back to his craft and progress on his album Donda is being made.

That’s according to collaborator Cyhi The Prynce, who said in a recent VladTV interview, “I think [West] started working on it late last year. Once November, December, January comes around, he kind of takes a hiatus, a little vacation break, get with the family. We’re back working, that’s why I’m out here, too.”

Donda was originally set for release in July 2020, although the album has yet to surface. He shared a tracklist for the album that month, which included a song that seemed to be about Elon Musk and SpaceX. After the missed release date came and went, West shared the cover art for the album, which looked like bodies near a sun as depicted by a heat-sensing camera.

This is the first news about Donda in a while, and since West was apparently close to being finished in July 2020, perhaps the project will be ready for release soon.