Kanye West’s New ‘Donda’ Tracklist Has A Song Seemingly About Elon Musk’s SpaceX

Kanye West was active on Twitter last night, and in a series of (now mostly deleted) tweets, he shared a number of claims. He said that his wife Kim Kardashian “tried to bring a doctor to lock me up,” and expressed his belief that the movie Get Out is about him. Kanye ended his tweet session by writing, “Ima focus on the music now.”

Shortly after that, he shared a screenshot of a seemingly work-in-progress tracklist for his upcoming album Donda, which he is planning to release on Friday, July 24. Kanye previously shared a Donda tracklist over the weekend, but this new one is substantially different from his previous one.

As is stands now based on what Kanye shared, the album runs for 39 minutes across 12 tracks, down from 20 tracks on the previously posted tracklist. New to this tracklist are “Stay On Em / Precious,” “I Know God Breathed On This,” and “Future Sounds” (which may have evolved from “Future Bounce” on the previous tracklist).

Also new and noteworthy is “Space X – Alien,” which could be about Elon Musk’s company SpaceX. The song’s date is listed as 2018 in Kanye’s screenshot, so it appears this one has been in the works for a couple years. That would place its origins before Musk’s support, and then seeming withdrawal of said support, for Kanye’s presidential campaign.