Kanye West Shared An Adorable Old Video Of Young Drake Rapping

Kanye West goes through runs of increased activity on Twitter, and he’s been fairly consistent lately. A recurring theme of his recent posts is that they shout out others. This month, he has praised Joe Biden, David Blaine, Big Sean, and Travis Scott. His latest Twitter activity is focused on Drake, with whom he has a contentious history.

Last night, Kanye re-tweeted a video shared by XXL, of a young Drake rapping along to the Fugees song “Ready Or Not.” In the brief clip, Drake raps part of Wyclef Jean’s first verse: “Jail bars ain’t golden gates. Those who fake, they break / When they meet their 400-pound mate / If I could rule the world…”

It’s not clear what Kanye’s motivation was for sharing the video, as it was simply a re-tweet with no comment added. Given the positive disposition Kanye has seemed to have had lately, though, it’s possible he just enjoyed the video and wanted to re-share it.

That said, Drake may have rekindled the flames of his feud with Kanye recently. On his single “Laugh Now Cry Later,” there are lyrics that may be targeted at Kanye, as some believe the track features lines referencing Kanye’s Gap partnership and Kim Kardashian.