Kanye West Enlists Fans To Help Find A ‘Fake Employee On My Payroll’

Kanye West wants his fans to help him root out an imposter on his roster, tweeting that he found a fake employee on his payroll and wondering if anyone had ever heard of such a person. Posting a screenshot of a what looks to be a blank profile picture from a job site with the name “Lauren Greenfield” and title “Music Consultant,” Kanye asked, “Has anyone ever heard of this person? I just found a fake employee on my payroll!!!”

While most of the responders, including good friend Chrissy Teigen (who is an absolute delight on Twitter most days), seemed clueless, a few theories did emerge. One reply posited that it could refer to photographer Lauren Greenfield, who apparently photographed Kanye’s wife Kim when she was 12 years old. Another hilarious theory was that the employee “was real until July 24th, but when the album didn’t drop she vanished because a music consultant was no longer needed.” Then, of course, there were the usual over-the-top memes and obnoxious stan tweets, proving that maybe Kanye should have kept this particular investigation in-house.

In the meantime, if Kanye’s worried about wasteful overhead, he might want to look into how his campaign money is being spent. It was recently reported he’s spent over $6 million on his wonky run for President, which has resulted mostly in his name being rejected on ballots all over the country due to false signatures. Good thing for him he’s the highest-paid male entertainer for 2020 or the money he’s spent on this and his 2019 Sunday Service concerts would have him in the poorhouse in no time.

Update: Photographer Lauren Greenfield responded and it looks like she’s just as confused as anyone, although she’s also got a decent sense of humor about the whole thing. Maybe this phantom employee will be found out soon, but until then, the mystery continues to grow…