Kanye West Shares Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of His ‘Jesus Is King’ IMAX Film

While Kanye West has still yet to release his “indefinitely” pushed-back album Jesus Is King, many think it will arrive in conjunction with his IMAX film of the same name. The rapper recently released a minimal trailer to ahead of the film and has now put forth a compilation of behind-the-scenes moments while making the documentary.

“We here to spread the gospel,” Kanye says at the beginning of the trailer. “We’re not here for your entertainment. I’m an evangelist. So my music, my films, every conversation in every room I go in — we’re here to save souls, to save people from eternal damnation. I use art to make believers.”

Over a slow drum beat, the trailer shows shots of Kanye and his film crew visiting the naked-eye conservatory, Roden Crater, the focal point of Jesus Is King, where he brings his Sunday Service gospel group to the crater to craft a moving visual and audio experience. The Crater was built in the ’70s by James Turrell and is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Thanks to a $10 million donation by Kanye, the Crater will be free and open to the public for the next five years.

Watch the behind-the-scenes trailer to Jesus Is King above.

Jesus Is King is out 10/25 in select IMAX theaters. Get tickets and find showtime information here.