Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Stumped The Greatest ‘Jeopardy’ Players Of All Time

While Kanye West has declared himself one of the greatest of all time in a number of fields, as it turns out, the actual greatest of all time in the field of trivia didn’t even know he dropped an album last year. Kanye’s 2019 album Jesus Is King was an answer on Jeopardy!‘s Greatest Of All Time tournament finale, but none of the contestants even hit their buzzers after Alex Trebeck read them the clue. They’d be forgiven for their confusion, since Kanye did drop two albums in 2019, but the clue referenced two of the album’s songs by name.

“‘Follow God’ and ‘Closed On Sunday’ are tracks on this 2019 Kanye West album,” the clue read. Unfortunately for the contestants, they left an easy $800 on the board by not answering, “What is Jesus Is King?” and fans on Twitter had a field day mocking both the contestants and Kanye’s latest solo album, which left a sour taste in many fans’ mouths.

“Kanye’s gonna be furious when he finds out none of the guys on Jeopardy had heard of Jesus Is King,” joked Bomani Jones. Meanwhile, one particularly petty user attached a picture of Kanye’s spouse Kim Kardashian looking smug to their response, implying that the album deserved to be forgotten.

Kanye shouldn’t feel too badly, though. This isn’t the first time a group of Jeopardy contestants blanked out on one of his albums. Back in 2016, a trio of trivia geniuses whiffed on the title of his experimental release The Life Of Pablo, and more recently, a Drake song was mistakenly attributed to Kanye by one contestant, who confused “God’s Plan” for one of West’s religious tracks.