Kanye West Asks For Joint Custody Of His And Kim Kardashian’s Kids In Their Divorce

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce is proceeding relatively smoothly, all things considered. According to TMZ, Kanye has filed a response to Kim’s divorce petition, and it appears they are on the same page. Kanye asks for joint custody of their four kids, as both remain committed to co-parenting. Kanye also wants to ensure that neither party receives spousal support and both pay their own legal fees. Considering both have had headlines valuing them at a billion dollars each in recent months, they should both be able to manage without it — even after taking iffy accounting into, well, account.

The couple signed a prenuptial agreement, so TMZ doesn’t foresee any issues dividing their respective assets. And while Kanye’s filing is a little late — Kim filed her documents back in February — there won’t be any problems there either. In the wake of Kim’s filing, People reported that Kanye attributed her decision to his failed presidential campaign, although it was clear in hindsight that trouble had been brewing for a while. Kanye’s outburst at a South Carolina campaign rally came after several social media explosions, including one in July of 2020 in which he claimed Kim tried to “lock me up” and called out her mother Kris, and similar rants in 2018 in which he seemed to draw a link between Kim and their neighbor/Kanye’s rival Drake.