Kanye West Was Surprised To Learn Kim Kardashian Has Never Used Their Massive Pool

Kim Kardashian recently gave her social media followers a tour of her pantry, which is larger than most city-dwellers’ apartments. The tour sparked a keen interest in Kim and Kanye’s house, which they designed in partnership with minimal architect Axel Vervoordt. To talk more about their home design, the two sat down with Architectural Digest to quiz each other on their home’s design and their favorite aspects of the mansion. During the interview, Kanye learned that Kim has never stepped foot in their massive jacuzzi pool and he was beside himself.

Kim and Kanye revealed many aspects of their home. Kanye said the design and functionality of their space is greatly influenced by their four kids.”In the back yard, there are all these stairs. And we wanted the kids, or needed the kids, to be able to ride their scooters or skateboards around and not have to stop at the stairs. As many places as I could take the stairs out, I did.” Kanye added that their kids are his inspiration for all designs moving forward.

The highlight of the interview, however, came when the two discussed their impressive pool. “When was the last time you used the pool?” Kanye asked. “I’ve never used our pool, actually,” Kim said. Kanye looked incredulous. “What!?” he exclaimed.

Kim also, of course, revealed the best places to take selfies in their house. Kim at first said their dark theater is the best place to take selfies, but later raved about the lighting in their bathroom. Kim said they took the bathroom lighting inspiration from a Chanel store. “The whole ceiling is one giant light,” she said. “But it smooths out everything.”

Watch Kim and Kanye take a design quiz with Architectural Digest above.