Kanye West Gets Roasted By Peppa Pig On Twitter Over Receiving A Lower Review Score On His Album

Alright, enough is enough. Things were bad enough when Peppa Pig sparked a beef with Cardi B over encouraging Kulture to splash in puddles and it was pretty amusing to see Iggy Azalea square off with the British porker over their shared album release date a couple of years ago, but Peppa is turning into an outright menace lately. The porcine TV star has apparently chosen the next target for her ongoing antagonism of the hip-hop world, marking Kanye West for a vicious burn over the reception of their respective albums on Pitchfork.

In his review of Kanye’s new album Donda, Pitchfork’s Dylan Green called the album a “data dump of songs searching for a higher calling,” awarding it an “above average” 6.0 rating (out of 10). Meanwhile, earlier this summer the publication also tapped Peyton Thomas to review Peppa’s Adventures: The Album, resulting in a 6.5 score, which many on Twitter noted after the Donda review’s publication — including the people or person behind Peppa Pig’s official Twitter account. Taking a second to gloat over the .5-point win, Peppa tweeted, “Peppa didn’t need to host listening parties in Mercedes-Benz Stadium to get that .5,” juxtaposing screenshots of the two scores side-by-side.

And while the tweet has since been deleted, it’s almost been immortalized by screenshots like the one above. It’s kind of amusing to think that a team of children’s television writers were able to put together a better release than a self-proclaimed genius who heralded his work with elaborate listening events and even rented out living space in the venues where he held them while “finishing” the album. For what it’s worth, Kanye claims that the version of the album that came out was released by his label without his permission, but on the other hand, we can’t see how much it could be improved (click for our review) — and it is pretty similar to what he played at the aforementioned listening events.

Fans have been pretty amused by the joust, especially as it draws some attention away from his long-overdrawn feud with Drake ahead of the Certified Lover Boy release this week. Now, if Drake gets a higher score too (or takes shots as Peppa has), it could be bad news for anyone exhausted with their juvenile sniping, as Kanye’s manager vowed to end the duel of wits only if Drake remains mum on the subject of Kanye — which seems pretty much impossible at this point. Check out some fans’ responses below.