Kanye West Is Producing ’10 Beats A Day’ For Every G.O.O.D Music Artist

After a much-publicized hospitalization last year, Kanye West has been slowly and quietly inching his way back into the public sphere. He recently returned to the stage with Kid Cudi, and hopped on a Cyhi The Prince song and all signs point to Kanye being completely “back” sooner than later. Well, as it turns out, ‘Ye has been working hard behind the scenes for not only himself but his entire G.O.O.D Music family. According to Cyhi, Kanye is busy making 10 beats a day, producing albums for every G.O.O.D Music artist on the roster, except for Big Sean.

“I got a project I’m doing with Ye that’s all produced by him. He’s doing it for every artist on the label,” Cyhi said on the Grass Routes Podcast. “Sean’s got one that will be executive produced by him. Pusha’s next album is strictly produced by him. Teyana’s, Kid Cudi’s, strictly (produced by Kanye). He does, like, ten beats a day.” Cyhi also said Kanye is working on his own album as well, which is sure to get Yeezy’s fans excited as they await his return.

The news of Kanye producing Pusha’s album is hardly new, but Kanye making “10 beats a day” is. And as far as Big Sean is concerned, he’s the biggest artist under Kanye’s umbrella, and he’s been busy forging his own sound with the help of his go-to producers like Key Wane and Amaire Johnson, so it’s not all that surprising that ‘Ye isn’t producing every single song. With Kanye supposedly executive producing the album, like he has for all four of Sean’s solo albums, his influence will be as present as ever.

Check out Cyhi’s entire interview with the Grass Routes Podcast at the top, including the comments about Kanye staying busy around the 35:24 mark.