Yeezy Fans Can Now Buy A Red Jacket Like The One He Wore At The First ‘Donda’ Listening

For years now, Kanye’s clothing designs have been just as important to the rapper and producer as his music, and he cut a striking figure at a recent Donda listening event in a bright red jacket, which is part of the Yeezy Gap collection. Retail expert, Mickey Drexler, who formerly worked at Gap, raised eyebrows when he said in an interview he thought the partnership was a risky one, and actually advised Gap against partnering with Kanye. But perhaps Gap saw something Drexler didn’t, because the jacket reportedly sold out, racking up over $7 million in one night, presumably the first night of the Donda listening.

For those looking for a similar style to the jacket that sold out a pre-order link for another Yeezy jacket is now live, dubbed the “Round Jacket” and available for the surprisingly reasonable price of $200, is right here. This is a pre-order link with a slated ship date for 2022. At a second listening event last night, Kanye played a revised and refined version of the Donda album he shared in late July, but despite promises the project would be available for fans today, it’s still not quite live on streaming services. An Apple Music pre-order for a 24-track version of the album now has a date of tomorrow, August 7th, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that. Either way, it seems new music is finally going to be in fan’s hands soon. And in the meantime, they can order the jacket to tide them over.