Watch Kanye West’s Primal Yells While Performing ‘I Am God’ Because He’s Losing His Damn Mind

05.07.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Kanye West is making permanent residence in Crazytown, USA. Every time we see him with his pregnant Kim Kardashian, he looks like Ray J ran over his puppy, filmed it and made a song about it. Then there were his crazy rants overseas about corporate America and Justin Timberlake. And finally there’s the out-of-nowhere announcement that his album would probably be coming out on June 18th. The project is apparently done and the few people who have heard it are raving about it despite its apparent “dark” tone.

Apparently, though, one song on the album is called “I Am God”… which Kanye performed at the Met Gala on Monday night. DJ A-Trak was on-hand and posted one of those Vines that the cool kids are talking about these days. The short video is just a montage of Yeezy tossing out Tarzan-like yelps that may scare the babies. And it’s…mesmerizing, confusing and bizarre.

Of course, this doesn’t make anyone want to hear the album any less especially with news that it may feature Daft Punk, Odd Future and a few other great acts.

If you’re at all interested in West’s music – or just want to see some crazy sh*t, you probably want to set your DVR for SNL on May 18th when he’ll probably debut this new primal yell track.

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