Kanye West ‘Walked On Water’ At Sunday Service And People Are Sharing Reactions

Kanye West has been hosting Sunday Service performances for about a couple years now. While the core aesthetic remains mostly the same — Kanye and his choir in some sort of matching outfit — the rapper has gotten creative with his presentation styles over the years. This past weekend, for example, he hosted a Sunday Service in Atlanta, where he was joined by Joel Osteen. During the service, they took to a pond and created the illusion that they were walking on water, likely by making use of a transparent platform that sits just under the water’s surface and is difficult to see.

Regardless, this feat is visually much like the Jesus Christ miracle from the Bible. Kim Kardashian shared videos and photos from the event, which show Kanye and his choir performing in the middle of the pond.

The stunt has been criticized on Twitter since video of it surfaced. Some have accused Kanye of not taking the word of God seriously, while some believe this is an example of Kanye deifying himself.

This visual likely cost some money to put together, of which Kanye has spent a lot on Sunday Service: He revealed recently that he put $50 million towards Sunday Service in 2019.

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