Kanye West Thinks That The Democrats Brainwash Black People

Kanye West’s Jesus Is King promotion cycle has produced a slew of questionable quotes, from his belief that he is the greatest artist of all time to multiple complaints about so-called “cancel culture,” but in a new interview in the wake of the album’s release, he really jumps out the window, claiming that the Democratic Party “brainwashes” Black people on Big Boy TV. In the clip below, Kanye expresses what seems to be a sincere belief that his people have been hoodwinked by the Democrats.

“The culture has you focused so much on f*ckin’ somebody bitch and pullin’ up in a foreign and rappin’ about things that could get you locked up,” he laments. “And then saying you about prison reform… We brainwashed out here, bro. This is a free man talking. Democrats had us voting Democrat for food stamps for years, bro. Guns in the eighties, taking the fathers out the home, Plan B, lowering our votes, making us abortion our children… ‘Thou shall not kill.'”

The clip is edited in such a way that we never hear Big Boy’s response or whether Kanye addresses the fact that the last several bills designed to reduce Black votership were introduced by Republican legislators, who have also dismantled the Voting Rights Act and in general voted against sensible gun control laws, while pushing “tough on crime” legislation that contributed to the incarceration rates that prison reformers seek to reverse. And of course, that whole “absent Black fathers” myth was debunked by no less authority than the CDC years ago, so if there’s any brainwashing victim here, maybe the guy who doesn’t quite get the “Sunken Place” gimmick from Get Out might want to do one of the things he previously boasted he hates doing and pick up a book.

Speaking of questionable quotes, Kanye also told James Corden during his appearance on Carpool Karaoke that God was “using me to show off” by flexing a $68 million tax return. Maybe he thinks Donald Trump is God because those massive benefits were bestowed upon many, many other wealthy folks by the Oval Office resident’s huge tax break in the last budget. It’s true that Trump loves Kanye, and that love apparently extends to his son, Donald Trump Jr., who tweeted his approval of Kanye’s new album as well:

Jesus Is King is out now via Getting Out Our Dreams II and Def Jam. Listen to The College Dropout here.