Kanye West’s Silence Is Being Noticed By Fans Online

Black celebrities may not always share the “correct” reactions to controversial situations — they aren’t superheroes, after all — but there’s one voice that has been the loudest in its absence. While Kanye West has become better known for sticking his whole foot in his mouth with regards to his political opinion than voicing the prevailing thoughts of the zeitgeist, after nearly two weeks of protests against police brutality, some are starting to wonder why he hasn’t spoken with his “dragon energy brother” Donald Trump, especially in light of the latter’s recent responses to the will of the people.

Among those pointing out West’s conspicuous silence are respected hip-hop journalists like Ebro Darden, who wondered, “And furthermore why is Kanye so quiet?” on Twitter earlier today. The responses have, for the most part, expressed relief — an understandable reaction considering he spent a year flaunting a “Make America Great Again” hat at public appearances and still seems not to get why so many fans were so disappointed in him over it. Darden also shared a post featuring a remixed version of the “Homer Simpson Backs Into Bushes” meme, that turned the titular cartoon character into an animated avatar of Kanye — complete with the red ball cap that caused so much trouble before.

However, Ebro may have a point. When ASAP Rocky was locked up in Sweden, Kanye was quick to take credit for prompting Donald to call up the Swedish authorities — a publicity stunt on Don’s part, and one that spectacularly backfired later — and West’s wife Kim Kardashian has become a vocal advocate for prison reform, which ties directly into some of the police’s tactics which are being called out now. If Kanye has Donald’s ear, you’d think he would try to bend it as Trump barricades himself in the White House behind newly installed fencing and calls for the military to shoot down protestors exercising their First Amendment rights — if only to rehabilitate Kanye’s own image, at least. Kanye has never been one to keep his opinions to himself, which makes his silence now all the more deafening.

See more reactions to Kanye’s absence from the discourse below.

Update: According to Variety, Kanye has launched a college fund for George Floyd’s daughter Gianna and pledged to cover legal costs for the families of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor.