Kash Doll Joins The TikTok Wave With Her Funny New Single, ‘Wake Up’

Kash Doll is the latest rapper to hop on the TikTok wave for her new song “Wake Up,” which comes with its own challenge — a challenge that fans have enthusiastically hopped onto thanks to the song’s catchy, call-and-response-style hook which lends itself well to the short, comedic skit format popular on the app.


“Wake yo’ ass up,” Kash commands on the beginning of the hook, before responding “B*tch, I’m up! I’m up… The f*ck?” The visuals that her fans have already come up with all involve the near-ubiquitous “bossy mom” archetype, with kids dressing up as their own moms yelling the first line, then switching characters to deliver the response in various sullen attitudes from beneath their bed comforters.


“Wake Up” is Kash’s first single since the release of her debut album Stacked, which dropped late last year and reestablished her near the forefront of the growing movement of female rappers taking over hip-hop.


As TikTok becomes the go-to app of choice to break new singles, it’s possible that “Wake Up” joins a growing list of songs to become popular on via memes on the app before getting radio single treatment which includes Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” and Doja Cat’s “Say So.” We’ll see if Kash’s new song gets its own TikTok-referencing video soon.

Listen to Kash Doll’s explosive new single “Wake Up” above.