Kehlani Addresses A Lover’s Infidelity On Her Heartfelt ‘You Know Wassup’

A wise man once said, “Even though it’s f*cked up; girl, I’m still f*cking with ya,” and it appears Kehlani is taking that advice when it comes to her relationship, with the release of her new made-on-the-spot record “You Know Wassup,” possibly addressing YG‘s infidelity.

Though YG reportedly cheated on Kehlani the night of Halloween, Kehlani’s love proves to be stronger than his possible infidelity, she professes on the track.

Kehlani said on Twitter Tuesday night when she posted the link to the track that she “did this” a couple of hours ago. In a follow-up post, Kehlani said the track “will be on streaming soon, and that just wanted to get the song out of her system raw while thanking her fans for listening.

The track starts with an audio clip of YG during his Rolling Loud set. YG brings Kehlani on stage where the two kiss in front of the Oakland crowd.

“Why do I gotta beg to be chosen, over your vices, over your liquor?,” Kehlani wonders in the first verse. “Why I gotta ask for flowers / I deserve roses, I deserve bigger / I know you’re tryna change, but is it all worth the wait?”

Kehlani says in the chorus that her lover has “demons,” while she, herself, has “trauma,” and that both of them have “triggers.”

Listen to “You Know Wassup” in its entirety in the clip above, as Kehlani as proclaimed that she’s in album mode.