Kendrick Lamar Continues To Lyrically 'Murder' Drake With This BET Awards Diss

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10.03.13 5 Comments

They’re calling it “Control, Pt. 2,” a reference to Kendrick Lamar’s murder-heard-around-the-Twitter freestyle in Big Sean’s “Control.” Who is “they”? THEY. And they is right: the BET Hip-Hop Awards were taped this weekend, and according to Complex, the highlight was a verse Kendrick dropped during his cypher appearance.

Nothing’s been the same since they dropped “Control”
And tucked the sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes
Ha-ha, jokes on you
High-five, I’m bullet proof
Your shits will never penetrate
Pin the tail on the donkey, boy, you’ve been a fake.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Drake said, “I know good and well that Kendrick’s not murdering me, at all, in any platform. So when that day presents itself, I guess we can revisit the topic.” That day’s here.

(via Getty Image) (Via Complex)

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