Everyone Is Still Shell-Shocked By Kendrick Lamar’s Vicious Takedown ‘The Heart Part 4’

Kendrick Lamar nearly blew up the Internet last night when, out of nowhere, he dropped a brand new track. Titled “The Heart Part 4,” the song was a more-than-welcome return by one of the most dominant MC’s in the game today. In the song, it seems like King Kenny went after his sometime nemesis Drake, rapping, ““My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass / And crush your whole sh*t,” he raps at one point, “Tip-toeing around my name / N***a you lame / And when I get at you homie don’t you tell me you just playin / ‘Oh I was just playin K.Dot you know a n***a ride with you bro.”

He also called himself the greatest rapper alive and then took a swipe at the President of the United States, “Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel, punk / Tell ‘em that God comin’ / And Russia need a replay button, y’all up to somethin’”. Most tantalizingly of all, he also appeared to reveal the release date for his next major release, saying, “Ya’ll got till April the 7th to get your sh*t together.”

There’s a lot to parse through all of this, and the Internet went all the way in, celebrating the track, while picking apart every line, every chord-change, teasing out everything Kendrick said, and some of what he didn’t.

Listen to “The Heart Part 4” via iTunes or stream it at Apple Music.