Freddie Gibbs Provides A Laid-Back Verse For Kenny Mason’s Woozy ‘Much Money’

Kenny Mason has grown to be one of the most talented and versatile artists in the new class of hip-hop, in large part due to his debut album, Angelic Hoodrat. The 14-track effort is an excellent showcase of the Atlanta native’s talent, which expands beyond the expected confines of the rap genre. Mason incorporates rock sounds into the album and does so once again on an extension of the project, Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut. It’s here that listeners can find an eye-catching collaboration between Mason and Freddie Gibbs.

Entitled “Much Money,” the track is a woozy effort that sees both rappers discussing the effects money and greed can have on an individual’s focus and ability to stay on task. Mason highlights the lack of loyalty some have to their squad saying, “Bet these n****s won’t die for the squad,” while Freddie Gibbs uses his verse to separate himself from the competition that he deems inadequate. In addition to the Freddie Gibbs contribution, Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut also sees guest appearances from Denzel Curry, Angel White, and Ambar Lucid.

On Freddie Gibbs’ side of things, the new track arrives after he dropped his “Big Boss Rabbit” single, which will most likely appear on his upcoming SSS album.

You can listen to “Much Money” above.

Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut is out now via RCA Records. Get it here.

Freddie Gibbs is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.