Kero Kero Bonito’s ‘Make Believe’ Is A Bubbly, Genre-Defying Dream

Indie pop darlings Kero Kero Bonito have released a new single, “Make Believe.” The London-based band, who recently signed to Polyvinyl, have been especially prolific this year. “Make Believe” joins an EP, TOTEP, and three other singles. “Make Believe” has more of a frenetic bubblegum sound than their other new releases, but KKB dances across genre lines, mastering every one.

The music video for “Make Believe” matches the song’s fevered energy. In the video, singer Sarah Midori Perry skips around an empty house, stopping to play with assorted kids’ toys. She sings to a pet mouse and bird and twirls her skirt dancing around armchairs in the living room. The video is shot DIY, like a home video — a little fuzzy and blurry, but adding to the childhood aesthetic.

“Make Believe” is released along with a b-side, the rocking “World Tour 2018,” which was previously only available in the band’s tour announcement video. As the title of that song suggests, KKB is heading out on a world headlining tour this fall, hitting North America this October and November. KKB’s new album, Time ‘n’ Place is due out soon on Polyvinyl.

Watch the video for “Make Believe” above, and get your tickets for KKB’s world tour 2018 here.