Key Glock Robs A Bank In His Money-Hungry ‘Ambition For Cash’ Video

Memphis rapper Key Glock’s hunger for money leads to him staging a brazen bank robbery in the video for “Ambition For Cash,” his newest solo single after wrapping up the promotion on his and Young Dolph’s joint project, Dum And Dummer 2. In the video, the Paper Route Empire star player pulls up outside the financial institution in question with his masked crewmates in a customized Chevy Impala convertible, storming the facility with automatic weapons, and emptying the vault. Clearly, Glock’s a fan of bank heist movies — but only the ones where the crew gets away in the end.

Key Glock, coming off an impressive 2020 that saw him release two well-received albums, Yellow Tape and Son Of A Gun, started off 2021 with the single “Aspen” and the announcement of Dum And Dummer 2, the follow-up to Glock and Dolph’s first project that helped Glock get his career off the ground. After releasing a string of ambitious videos for the project including “Sleep With The Roaches,” “Penguins,” and “Rain Rain,” Glock returned to his solo grind, sharing videos for “Move Around” and “I Can Show You.”

If Glock’s renewed output is any indication, he could be following up his impressive 2020 run by the end of the year.

Watch Key Glock’s “Ambition For Cash” video above.