Khalid Answers Fan Questions About His Next Album, Including When It’s Coming Out

Khalid dropped his second album, Free Spirit, last year, but now fans are wondering when his next one will arrive. Well, the singer hopped on Twitter today and shed some light on his upcoming record, answering fan questions about its release date and what it will sound like.

One fan asked how long they should expect to wait for Khalid’s next album, and he responded, “I’ll say early next year to be realistic lol.” Another fan followed up by asking if the record will sound similar to his recent single “Eleven,” and he replied, “No! Way different.”

He went on to reveal that he doesn’t have a new single in mind for the album yet, but he’s only planning on releasing one song from the record before it drops: “I don’t have one yet! Its super early but I’ll keep you guys updated and I’ll probably only release one song before the album tbh.” Khalid also provided a couple different answers to questions about the album’s sound, writing, “I just wanna listen to it in bed in the dark with my earphones in hahaha,” and, “late night drives on an empty freeway.”

Khalid also seemed interested in fan suggestions that he host a listening party for his new music, potentially an intimate affair over Zoom. However, he expressed concern about leaks. Ultimately, he concluded that he might consider the idea if participants signed some sort of non-disclosure-like contract.

Khalid’s first two albums, 2017’s American Teen and 2019’s Free Spirit, both arrived during the first few months of the year. That, combined with the fact that a two-year gap between albums has been par for the course for Khalid so far, suggests that an early-2021 album for Khalid isn’t that unlikely, as he says.