Kid Cudi Details His Musical Mission In The Trailer For His Documentary, ‘A Man Named Scott’

When he first arrived on the scene 15 years ago, Kid Cudi was one of the first rappers to live his life not just in the spotlight but on social media as well, giving fans an unprecedented level of access to his triumphs and trials. However, that doesn’t mean that we know all there is to know about him; following the modern trend of artists putting out their own documentaries about their lives and careers, Cudi shared the trailer for his upcoming film, A Man Named Scott, streaming November 5 on Amazon Prime Video.

The trailer finds Cudi detailing his musical mission: “to make something that calls out to the broken and the lost… How can I give people something that they haven’t heard before?” It also touches on how the pressure of the fame that resulted from pursuing this goal weighed on Cudi’s mind and forced him to make “adjustments from being Scott to being Kid Cudi.” He describes how the success of Man On The Moon made people look up to him despite his own unhappiness because they related so much. “I felt like a fraud,” he admits. “I sacrificed the privacy of my life and put my story out there to help others. That’s always been my mission.”

Watch the trailer for Kid Cudi’s A Man Named Scott documentary above and stream the film on 11/5 on Prime Video.