Kid Cudi Said Even He Hadn’t Heard The Final Mix Of His ‘Donda’ Collab Until Last Night

Kid Cudi and Kanye have been friends and collaborators for years now — even recently releasing a whole joint album together as Kids See Ghosts — so it’s no surprise that Cudi would show up on Kanye’s new project, Donda. And though plenty of artists trust Kanye with creative freedom, it seems the last-minute preparations for the album are so down to the wire that Cudi hadn’t heard the final version of the pair’s collaboration on the record. “Havent heard the final this is new to me too!!” he wrote on Twitter as fans were excitedly posting clips from the live streaming event.

He later clarified that he knew he was on the album, just hadn’t heard final mixes of the track. “I knew!” he reassured a fan. “Just didnt hear final mixes.”

The song is reportedly called “Moon” and also includes vocals from Don Tolliver, although it seems like even those details might be subject to change before the album is actually finally released. Check out some clips and snippets of the song below and keep an eye out for the ever-shifting Donda release date. Hey, there’s always the Round Jacket pre-order aka the red jacket Yeezy wore at the first listening to hold the super fans over if needed.