Kid Cudi Reacts To His Prophetic Old Myspace Bio: ‘Everything I Said In This Bio, I Did’

Kid Cudi started his career at the same time that Myspace launched in 2003, so unsurprisingly, he took to the platform, which was then a popular destinations for musicians to promote themselves online. Over the weekend, Cudi revisited his old profile and shared his thoughts on it now.

Yesterday, a Twitter user shared Cudi’s old profile photo on the site, as well as his bio, which read:

“Its dat Cleveland boy reppin Shaker H.T.S all day baby, K.i.D CuDi a.k.a. Tubbz a.k.a Scotty McFly. Yea I go by many names but call me which ever one u want. I reside in new york right now workin on music. Dats right yall ima mc, but not ur normal kind. Id like 2 think I’m from another planet and my mind is really gears, hardware, and a sim card. Lol. I’m 22 years old and I’m on here 2 network with music. Currently I’m getting ready 2 start shoppin my records at labels this month and I’m also workin on outside projects with other underground artist. I’m really on here 4 bizness ladies but if u wanna holla, I won’t ignore u. I do love da ladies oh so much. Especially models. So much so I did a song called ‘ I love models’ produced by myself and 0-Dot from Full Circle Ent. dat I will be posting so can hear it. Real talk. If ur a producer and u got heat, get at me. I’m always lookin 4 talent 2 put on my elite team of producers. Right now I have a strong clique of producers but if u got dat different new age sound dat can take da rap game 2 da next level, we can make it happen. Anyway dais about it yall. I’m Cudi. Wut it be!!! LEAN!!! Sip & Lean Teamer ‘The Talent’ MidWest Action ‘droppin dem muthaf*ckin beez on em’

Who I’d like to meet:
..Anybody interested in music period. Mostly singers witta r n b soulful alternative kinda feel. Lol or if ur good, I mean extremely dope I’d f*ck wit it 2. I’m all about creativety, makin new hot sh*t, and Lakin hip hop or music n general 2 a whole nother level. I don’t wanna get in da game 2 blend in, I’m tryna change da face of it. I wanna make my mark. I aim 4 grammy statis. Don’t u?”

Cudi saw the tweet and was blown away by his ambition about about how well he has achieved the goals he laid out for himself, writing in response, “This is so wild. I had that fire burnin in me. Everything I said in this bio, I did. F*ckin unreal. Destiny.”

That said, some of Cudi’s latest achievements are ones he probably did not see coming, like acting in a movie with Leonardi DiCaprio and Meryl Streep, having (and eventually squashing) beef with Eminem, and hiring a professional blunt roller.