Kid Cudi Teased His Upcoming Song, ‘Leader Of The Delinquents,’ On Instagram Live

This past September, Kid Cudi revealed details about his upcoming album, among them that it would be called Entergalatic. The album will be far from the ordinary, being the soundtrack to a Netflix animated show he’s developing with Black-ish creator Kenya Barris. In a rare Instagram Live appearance Friday, Cudi previewed what may be a new song from the project.

Cudi, who’d appeared on a Facebook livestream earlier this month, where he also previewed new music, took to Twitter, giving fans an hour’s notice prior to going to live. When he went live, he previewed “Leader Of The Delinquents.”

Upon hearing the song, fans quickly realized that this was not the first time Cudi played the track. Back in 2012, he previewed “Leader Of The Delinquents” for fans at a concert that year, while tweets from Cudi and producer DotDaGenius, who produced the song, seem to confirm that the song is almost a decade old.

Looking to build more excitement towards the album, Cudi told fans during the livestream, “A lot of exciting things coming up soon… in the next couple weeks, actually. So… stay tuned. A lot of awesome sh*t.”

You can hear a preview of “Leader Of The Delinquents” in the video above.