Kid Rock Just Can’t Take Authority And The Internet Had A Field Day

Kid Rock is essentially a walking Bud Light advertisement and his brand is basically “stand defiant of authority as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your job, which you need to make payments on your Ford Fusion.” But you don’t need to take a nebbish blogger’s word for it, just check out that #totallysweet photo of him being a #rebel that he posted to Twitter. As they should when a 45-year-old man flicks off a camera to be edgy, the Internet noticed and took the American Badass to task.

First, came the straight-up mocking:

After that, “Hey, Authority” went as all great Twitter trends do and got a little Dada:

There were a few nerds who have clearly never made love next to a body of water chock full of fecal coliform bacteria. They came to question Kid Rock’s revolutionary bona fides:

I bet they’ve never even sang “Sweet Home Alabama” for three straight months. Losers.

Then, as only happens in the most transcendent Internet pile-ons, angry monkeys got involved:

(Let’s play “Spot the Uproxx commenter.”)

And in the end, some folks just really wanted Authority to notice them:

Really, what did the Internet expect from a Michigan-born rapper who supports the Confederate flag, Donald Trump, and your dad’s taste in porn?