Killer Mike Is Opening Up A Barber Shop In The Arena The Atlanta Hawks Play In

Any smart business person will tell you that its important to keep a diverse portfolio. While many know Killer Mike to be one half of the most ferocious rap duo of all-time, Run The Jewels, he also has another side business. While his parter EL-P is off putting money into a deli in his hometown of New York City, for the past several years, Mike has held it down as one of the owners of the SWAG Shop in Atlanta, Georgia, a men’s grooming salon.

In an exciting development, he’s decided to expand that venture and is preparing to open up a second location in the newly renovated Phillips Arena. That’s right, you can now get a close crop fade or a beard trim in between quarters at Hawks games.

“I’m very happy that the front porch of the Hawks is going to be host to a SWAG Shop,” Mike said in a statement. “It really is like a dream coming true because now kids are going to be coming down early just to hang out in my shop, buy a t-shirt, get a haircut and watch the game.”

Mike first teased the big announcement on Instagram back in May with a picture of him in front of the OG SWAG Shop talking to his partner Cory Sontag. “We got a lotta cool things coming and I’m happy to be doing it in the home town 1st!”

For those that don’t know, SWAG is actually an acronym that stands for Shave, Wash and Groom.