Killer Mike Delays Reopening His Barbershop After A Nearby Shooting Damages The Windows

Killer Mike, who recently closed his Atlanta barbershop due to safety concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, is delaying re-opening the shop after a nearby shooting damaged the windows. However, in the social media post announcing the delay, he clarified that the shop was not the target of the shooting, blaming it on “Black men who could not shoot for sh*t.” He also stated he wasn’t upset, but indirectly admonished the perpetrators to think about the consequences of their actions.

“Last night at 1am (non biz hours) while I was in the booth I got a call ‘Mike the OG Store windows were shot out,'” he explained. “It was not a personal attack but it was black men who cud not shoot for shit shooting at one another. I am not upset as property can be replaced. I am sorry to my customers as this will continue pause the re launch of the OG SWAG Shop barber Shop & store. I wanna say to the brothers tho: Please consider what would have happened if one of y’all actually hit one another. The jail, the lawyer fees, the funeral cost and two black families loss. I’m glad y’all cud not hit the side of a barn with a shot gun cuz this am y’all all are alive.”

Mike recently appeared on ESPN to talk about the importance of ownership and financial responsibility, explaining how seeds planted by prior generations of his family allowed him the economic freedom to expand the family’s wealth. He also recently launched his Greenwood digital banking platform to help give other Black people access to the same wealth-building tools and expanded his business interests into the world of cannabis alongside his Run The Jewels partner El-P.