Killer Mike And Bernie Sanders Discussed The 2020 Election And The Progressive Movement

With just a few days left until the 2020 presidential election, Killer Mike and former Democratic presidential candidate and current Vermont senator Bernie Sanders sat down for a conversation as a part of Rolling Stone and their Fridays For Unity event. During their conversation, Mike and Sanders discussed the upcoming election as well as the current state of the progressive moment.

Killer Mike began by sharing his feelings towards the voter turnout so far. “I want the good guys to win, meaning the progressives that are within the party, and I want to see us stay active locally,” he said. “I think that, as important as this election is, more important is, after this Election Day, we plot, plan, strategize, organize and mobilize as progressives on the ground.”

Sanders also shared his confidence for the future of America if former vice president Joe Biden and senator Kamala Harris are able to win the election. “I think if we can get Biden in the White House, we open the door — we’re not gonna solve all the problems,” he said. “But we’re gonna open the door to the kids of ideas we need to protect working families.” The Run The Jewels rapper chimed in afterward to share his thoughts on the Democratic candidates.

“I have to say, although I have not talked to Biden, I have had a couple conversations with senator [Kamala] Harris,” Killer Mike said. “I’m very encouraged by her statements in terms of what she plans to do, and help this country do in terms of policy. I’m very encouraged that, as a former prosecutor, that she wishes to steer us in a more restorative justice place.”

The two also discussed increased taxes for the wealthy, ensuring restorative justice is paired with the legalization of marijuana, and more. You can watch their sit-down on Rolling Stone here.