Killer Mike Posts His Full NRA Interview In Hopes Of Finally Clearing Up The Controversy

Killer Mike became the latest target of the internet outrage machine when the NRA posted an excerpt of an interview he did with NRATV’s Colion Noir advocating for Black gun ownership ahead of the March For Our Lives protests over the past weekend. Unfortunately for Mike, the interview excerpt was edited in such a way that it seemed to be attacking the protestors, rather than providing a meaningful debate (a favorite tactic of the NRA).

Now, the Run The Jewels rapper wants some final closure on the whole issue, reposting a link to the full interview that the NRA helpfully provided after the fuss died down. In the full video, which you can watch above, Mike is able to clearly state his views and argue his position free of the baggage that came with the defensive position he and his partner El-P were forced to take after the fact.

“You wanna ban a gun because it looks scary,” he argues in the video. “Handguns kill more people in America than rifles, and Coca-Cola and soda kills more people than handguns. You’re not trying to ban soda, and you’re not even smart enough to have the argument to ban handguns.”

He also points out that the NRA is an effective rights lobbying organization for his interests and disputes the perception that the NRA has it in for people of color in America. “I look at the NRA as an effective lobbying group for my rights. If you don’t like the NRA, get a million black people to join. Go to the convention. Realize that this ain’t white people in hoods, just regular working class people like you that are probably going to be friendly and engage you. And then add your thoughts to the agenda.”

While his points are debatable, he is right in saying that it’s a lot easier to have a conversation if both sides are willing to come to the table to discuss an issue in good faith with proper context. Whether or not that lets him off the “whipping post,” as he wrote his Instagram caption, remains to be seen.