Kim Petras Offers One Last ‘Clarity’ Preview With The Smoldering Pop Banger ‘Another One’

Kim Petras has taken a decidedly different approach to her upcoming project. Instead of teasing it with a few singles, the project features a bunch of singles she’s released en masse over the past few months: From the 12-track record (which comes out on June 27), Petras has already shared “Broken,” “Got My Number,” “Blow It All,” “Sweet Spot,” “All I Do Is Cry,” “Do Me,” “Clarity,” and “Personal Hell.”

Before the album drops, she has revealed one more advance track, the appropriately titled “Another One.” On the slow-burning pop single, Petras takes an ignorance-is-bliss approach to the object of her affection, singing, “I don’t wanna know if you’re dancing with another one / You’re leaving with another one, you’re touching on another one.”

Petras previously said of Clarity, “This project is all about finding myself. It started with ‘Broken’ and will end with Clarity because it reflects my personal journey over the last two years. In writing my new music, I’ve learnt that a lot of the little things that go wrong in life don’t really matter at the end of the day. If anything, I’m now a stronger person because of them.”

Listen to “Another One” above.

Clarity is out 06/27 via BunHead. Pre-order it here.