Kim Petras’ ‘1,2,3 Dayz Up’ Is An Energetic Party And One Of Her Best Songs To Date

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German pop singer Kim Petras, one of 2018’s biggest breakouts, is back with her first new music of the new year. “1,2,3 Dayz Up” is one of Petras’ best releases to date, a party anthem that clicks and pops with producer Sophie‘s electro-pop magic. “1,2,3 Dayz Up” crackles with boundless energy as Petras sings about staying awake for three days partying. If that sounds tiring, Petras will give you the soundtrack to keep dancing all night.

“1,2,3 Dayz Up” is released alongside two other new singles, “Homework” and “If U Think About Me.” “Homework,” featuring Petras’ frequent collaborator Lil Aaron, is a nostalgic ode to the one who was there for her way back when. Petras details a sweet young love — copying each other’s homework, crying on each other’s shoulders, rides home after wild nights out. Petras often sings about the bright, sparkling parties and fun of LA, but it’s nice to see this nostalgic side of her.

The third song in the trio, “If U Think About Me,” is a glittering banger with an ’80s-esque guitar riff and lovesick synths. It’s almost like a sequel to “Homework,” as Petras wonders if an old love still thinks about her. Between the three new tracks, Petras proves that she has the range to take you from the dance floor to solo contemplation and back again.

Listen to Petras’ three new tracks below.

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