Kimbra Shares A Destructive Video For Her Aggressive New Skrillex Collaboration ‘Top Of The World’

11.10.17 1 year ago

Kimbra previously teased that her upcoming album, Primal Heart, features high-profile collaborators like Childish Gambino and Skrillex, and the lead single “Everybody Knows” showed that she’s not shying away from electronic territory this time around. Skrillex co-produced at least one track on the album, “Top Of The World,” and now that song is out with its own video.

The dark clip, directed by Guy Franklin, features Kimbra dancing in a dimly lit room as stone pillars gradually crumble around her. As for the song itself, the vibe doesn’t go full dubstep with Skrillex on board, but his influence is clear with the track’s aggressive electronic production.

Kimbra previously said that she’s grateful for the quality collaborators she’s gotten work with, but ultimately, the album isn’t about them:

“There’s always been amazing people I’m working with and bringing into the circle but in a way I’ve been intentional about this record being quite a focus less on features and more about my message. It’s definitely been a journey of different people coming through the studio but less from the point of collaborations with other vocalists and more just bringing their sound in on the background… It’s more a cast of characters.”

Primal Heart comes out on January 19th. Listen to “Top Of The World” above, and check out the Primal Heart tracklist below.

1. “The Good War”
2. “Top of the World”
3. “Everybody Knows”
4. “Like They Do On the TV”
5. “Recovery”
6. “Human”
7. “Lightyears”
8. “Black Sky”
9. “Past Love”
10. “Right Direction”
11. “Version of Me”
12. “Real Life”

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