King Von Condemns The Justice System In His Impassioned ‘How It Go’ Video

Chicago’s King Von is a rapper on the rise after signing to Lil Durk’s Only The Family record label and releasing his critically-hailed studio album Levon James earlier this year. He’s begun drawing attention with singles such as the Lil Durk-featuring “Down Me” and “All These N****s,” the heartbroken “Why He Told,” and now, he’s building on that buzz with the impassioned video for “How It Go.”

In the “How It Go” video, Von addresses the shortcomings of the justice system — a favorite topic for the Windy City spitter — as he details what goes on behind the closed doors of a criminal trial. Specifically, the first half of the video focuses on the negotiations between prosecutors and public defenders which often result in plea deals for young men and women who feel powerless in the face of the courts. The latter half of the video sees Von struggling to survive in prison, from fights with fellow inmates to the crushing mental pressure of solitary confinement.

“So what you gon’ do?” Von asks in the song’s piercing second verse. “You gon’ rob or gon shoot? / You gon’ trap or gon’ crack? / You gon’ win or gon’ lose?” It appears he’s chosen to win, switching up street life for rap life, and with the assistance of Lil Durk, is well on his way to dodging his former profession forever.

Watch King Von’s “How It Go” video above.

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