King Von Contemplates The Ups And Downs Of Success In His ‘Mine Too’ Video

The latest posthumous King Von video to be released from the OTF vaults (or hard drives, as it were) is “Mine Too,” from his album Welcome To O-Block. The video features Von performing to the camera in and around a cavernous mansion, showing off a collection of luxury cars, and shining from head to toe with an eye-popping array of diamond-encrusted accessories. As Von raps, he’s flanked by his stoic-faced crewmates and a pair of scantily clad women, who provide even more atmosphere to the moody aesthetic.

Although it’s been six months since King Von died after being shot in an Atlanta parking lot, the apparent backlog of videos he had previously recorded has been released at a relatively steady trickle by his label, including “Wayne’s Story,” released almost chillingly close to the actual event, “Armed & Dangerous,” and the posse cut “Jump,” while he received homages in OTF founder Lil Durk’s videos for “Backdoor” and “Still Trappin,” as well as Fivio Foreign’s “Trust” and PNB Rock’s “Rose Gold.”

In the wake of Von’s death, Welcome To O-Block, released just days before, debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 chart — his highest to date — while two other projects also entered the chart for the first time.

Watch King Von’s “Mine Too” video above.