Kodak Black Burped His Way Out Of Anger Management Therapy

Things haven’t been going great for Kodak Black recently. The Florida rapper is currently sitting behind bars for violating the terms of his probation and is currently being housed in Broward Country Jail without bond. On Friday, he appeared in court to give testimony about his ongoing assault case, stemming from an incident that took place at Miami strip Club on or around February 1, where he allegedly punched and kicked a female bartender.

During that hearing, it was revealed that Kodak was also kicked out of a group anger management session earlier this year for excessively burping. According to the Sun-Sentinel, After the rapper became too much of a disturbance, his counselor testified that after she asked him to leave, he refused, so she threatened to call 911. At some point, Kodak grabbed both her phone and her wrist to prevent her from making the call. She later recommended that he be transferred to individual sessions.

While that probably didn’t help his effort to secure release from jail, his overall legal prospects were improved elsewhere during the hearing when another bartender who was working the night the alleged incident took place took the stand and testified that the victim’s account wasn’t true. Tory Durham told the court that the victim said, “‘You probably didn’t see it, but he mushed my face. I said ‘no, he didn’t.’ None of that happened.”