Kodak Black Livestreamed Himself Rescuing A Woman Whose Car Flipped Over

Getty Image

Kodak Black‘s ongoing legal issues may have given him a shaky reputation, but that hasn’t stopped him from at least trying to be a good person. The Sun-Sentinel reports the South Florida rapper stopped to help when he encountered a car flipped over on the side of the highway. He helped the driver and tried to make sure she wasn’t hurt — all while streaming the whole situation to his fans on Instagram Live.

“Damn y’all, s— crazy,” he said, as he approached the bizarre sight of the flipped vehicle. It also turned out the driver, who appears to have been inebriated, happened to be a Kodak fan as she was playing his hit “Zeze” on the radio and even recognized the star, asking him, “Are you Kodak?” For his part, Kodak did his best to assist, asking, “You alright? You OK? Want me to help you?” If this rap thing doesn’t work out, maybe he’s got a decent chance of success as an All State or State Farm agent.

There appears to be some debate in the video about whether or not to call the police, as the driver seems to not want to involve them. For his part, Kodak does his best to recuse himself from getting involved any further as well; while the rapper doesn’t have any open charges in Florida according to the Sentinel, given his reputation, it’s probably best that he, like another friendly neighborhood hero, avoid interaction with the police after saving the day.