Premiere: L CON’s Avant Pop ‘You Were Right’ Is The Product Of A Garage Sale Synth Treasure

L CON (Lisa Conway) has built a reputation as a songwriter and producer who is gleefully unafraid of experimentation, and her latest single finds her in her element.

A shimmering synth line coaxes out a dubby bassline and Conway’s croon, and together they make this song sound less apologetic than celebratory. Conway’s solo material often lingers in lush arrangements, and despite this song’s skeletal groove, woodwinds manage to find their way to it and stick to its bones, adding some excellent texture. You can hear the song above.

In an email, Conway explained the genesis of the song’s sound:

Andrew [Collins] and I have a good friend who is constantly picking up all sorts of vintage treasures at garage sales or on Kijiji, and he often lets us tinker around with them in our studio before re-selling them. This song was made on one of those beautiful borrowed items — the EML SynKey. It lives in Brooklyn now, and it’s rare, and basically, that’s all I can think about when I think about this song. Shouldn’t have let it go…

“You Were Right” comes from the artist’s upcoming album, Insecurities In Being. As the title suggests, the material finds Conway in a more vulnerable place, addressing anxiety head on and dealing with her feelings of wanting to quit making music altogether, saying:

“I genuinely wasn’t sure I had any songs in me anymore, so I set out to make a low-key instrumental EP — I wanted to try and fall in love with making things again. But some of those sonic explorations started to evolve and demand vocal melodies. I gave in.”

Its her third album, following 2016’s Moon Milk and 2012’s The Ballad Project. Conway rose to prominence with the analog trip hop outfit Del Bel, and released three albums with the group before recently deciding to step away from the act.

Conway will be headed to Berlin this fall to participate in Red Bull’s Music Academy as one of the sixty-one artists selected for this year’s event. The full artist lineup can be found here.

Insecurities In Being Tracklist:
1. “Try”
2. “There Was A Glow”
3. “Light Come”
4. “The Art of Staying Tough” (feat. Casey MQ)
5. “Some Sort of Sign”
6. “You Were Right”
7. “Cogs Awry”
8. “The Spells”

Insecurites In Being is out on 5/25 via Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings on cassette and all digital platforms.

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