LA Reid’s Cryptic Tweet Has Fans Wondering If Epic Dropped Meghan Trainor

If this tweet means what many fans are assuming it means, then LA Reid may have just chosen a ruthless way to drop Meghan Trainor from Epic Records. It’s not every day you see a CEO potentially kick someone out the door in such a public forum. Immediately after the tweet was posted, Trainor’s fans and detractors alike got the rumor mill up and running about whether the artist just got the boot from her label, despite performing well for Epic over the years. What could she possibly have done to make Reid so mad that he would drop her in this manner?

It turns out the answer to that question is…well…nothing, as Reid tweeted again a short time later that despite the fact that he used lyrics from Trainor’s hit single “No,” the tweet was not actually about her current status at the label.

So who could be the unlucky artist then? Is Reid refuting a claim that he is about to sign an artist that he doesn’t actually want on his label? Or is another artist receiving some rough news in 140 characters or less? Other artists that have been offered up as options are Fifth Harmony, although it seems strange that they wouldn’t make the cut at Epic after their latest hits and successful tour. Another likely choice is Ciara, whose last album was released in May of 2015 and sold only slightly more than 100,000 copies worldwide.

If it is indeed Ciara, she probably won’t take it so hard seeing as she just had a perfect fantasy wedding to Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson in Europe.

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