Lady Gaga Rocked Shoulder Pads For A Super Bowl Super Cut Of ‘Bad Romance’

After the NRA began scolding Lady Gaga and warning her not to make political statements during her Super Bowl halftime show, it seemed inevitable that she would do just that. But instead, she opted to focus on the music and a trip through her inimitable discography.

After a jaw-dropping flying stunt from the top of the stadium that made good on the rumors about her dangerous plans, Gaga changed out of her initial silvery bodysuit for a more football-centric costume: glittery white shoulder pads. I’m sure the players will appreciate her hat-tip, after they finish going over halftime adjustments etc. The Patriots, in particular, might need a pep talk during the break considering they’re down 21-3.

Back to Gaga though, she was flanked by a cadre of dancers in their own sparkly, white outfits for a super cut performance of “Bad Romance,” which made perfect sense given this is one of her most beloved hits. It was easily the pinnacle of the show, even if before all that she busted out the keytar for “Just Dance.”

Plus, she also included a track off her new album Joanne, the emotional ballad “Million Reasons,” during which she very sweetly shouted out her mom and dad. And at one point, while walking through a crowd of her fans on the field, she pulled one in for a hug. Overall, the second half of her performance was a mashup of all things Gaga, just like she promised. To close it all out, she grabbed a pass and jumped offstage. Watch it all unfold above.