Lady Gaga’s Return To Pop Is Reportedly Imminent With A Rumored VMA Performance

08.17.16 2 years ago

Lady Gaga at the AHS premiere

While Lady Gaga used to be one of the biggest names in pop music, it seems in recent years that her attention has been turned elsewhere. This week, it was announced that Gaga would be starring in her first major motion picture — a Bradley Cooper-helmed remake of A Star is Born — and she also won a Golden Globe in 2016 for her work in American Horror Story. When she has made music, it has been stuff like her album of duet standards with Tony Bennett. However, it seems that Lady Gaga’s return to pop music is imminent.

On Instagram, Gaga announced a new single will be dropping in September. Called “Perfect Illusion,” it could be the first look at an upcoming fifth album for the “Applause” singer. Since her last album was the aforementioned Cheek to Cheek with Bennett, this would be her first modern pop album since Artpop in 2013. In the world of pop music, that album was a lifetime ago.

There are more murmurings about Gaga in addition to a new record, though. According to an alleged leak of the production notes for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga is rumored be opening the show with a performance. If she has new music arriving, that would not be surprising at all. One also assumes that she would be pulling out all the stops for her performance, so here’s hoping these rumors turn out to be true.

(Via Pop Crush)

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