Lana Del Rey Looks Like A California Flower Child On The ‘Lust For Life’ Album Cover

Lana Del Rey has been steadily releasing info about her forthcoming fifth studio album Lust For Life. After the resounding, cosmic dream-pop of the lead single “Love,” she shared a correspondingly dreamy, loved-up video, followed by a witchy album trailer, and today she’s dropped the cover art for the record.

On the album’s artwork, which she shared on Twitter today, Lana is posed like a ’60s California wild child, with a classic middle part, her hair loose and around her shoulders and dotted with flowers. The image may be sweet, but don’t let it fool you into forgetting the dark underbelly that usually comes along with most of Lana’s music. It’s the kind of aesthetic that has made The Weeknd her longtime collaborator and foil, and it’s already been confirmed that he’ll show up again on Lust For Life on the title track.

We’ve yet to get an official album release date, but according to her trailer, Lana is hard at work getting everything together smack dab in the middle of “Holly-weird.” Hey Lana, if you ever get the inkling to dip your toes into Silver Lake, hit me up will you? Lust For Life is easily one of my most anticipated albums of the year, so until we get more news, I’ll be listening to “Love” and “High By The Beach,” waiting for more.