Latto Takes Kodak Black’s ‘Super Gremlin’ For A Freestyle Spin

Just last week, Latto was parading around with a goat while rocking a jewel-studded bikini holding a goat. You don’t have to think too long about the imagery to get what the Atlanta rapper was trying to say about her rise. But the Uproxx December cover star made it clear in our feature that she’s no fluke and has put in the work since day one to get to where she’s at:

“I’ve been rapping since eight years old… You know how people be like, ‘Oh, I’ve been rapping since I was two years old. Like, my momma put a microphone in my hand and I used to dance in front of the TV?’ No, I’m talking about full-blown, going to the studio, dropping music videos, promoting mixtapes, passing out mixtapes out the trunk of my daddy car. I had a whole career at eight years old. So, it’s the time that I’ve put into it. That’s where people be saying, ‘Oh my God, what is it?’ It’s just I’ve been doing it forever.”

Today, Latto just shared the “Super Gremlin Freestyle,” which rides the beat of Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin.” As she’s done in the past, Latto totally dominates on this freestyle and asserts the charting status of her album Queen of Da Souf with the line: “Got in my Pop bag just for the hell of it / Now I’m Top 40 but y’all was just laughin’.” And in the video, the jeweled bikini and goat photoshoot comes to life, along with a studio session and bills on bills.

Watch the video for Latto’s “Super Gremlin Freestyle” above.