Latto Trends On Twitter After Absolutely Demolishing Her LA Leakers Freestyle

When Latto released the pop-leaning “Big Energy,” the first new single from the follow-up to her debut album Queen Of Da Souf, some fans weren’t sure what to make of her stylistic evolution. After all, she’d made her name on bass-heavy, rap-forward trap anthems, with the most recognizable sample on her debut coming from Gucci Mane’s 2006 hit “Freaky Gurl.” Now, she’s using the same sample as Mark Morrison’s “Return Of The Mack” and Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker,” leaving some fans feeling like she switched up.

However, today, Latto reassured those fans with some absolutely devastating rhymes for the LA Leakers radio show as she flexed her lyrical chops over Yung LA’s “Ain’t I,” reminding folks that her pen game remains as sharp as her dagger-like fingernails. Boasting that she’s still spending money from The Rap Game and boasts that “I’m in my prime, Amazon can’t f*ck with my delivery.” She also takes a few bars to shoot down some of her detractors, many of whom took issue with her single “The Biggest“; “How you big, can’t name a track? / How you big, can’t hang a plaque?” she challenges. The verse was so impactful that “Big Latto” began trending on Twitter just an hour later and shows no sign of slowing down — just like Latto’s booming career.

Watch Latto’s LA Leakers freestyle above.