Kathleen Hanna Got Le Tigre Back Together To Support Hillary Clinton For President

It’s hard to remember the last time that this many musicians released blatantly political statements — to the point of even releasing new music in support of a presidential candidate. Desperate times, right? Along with many as-yet-unannounced musicians who are participating in the 30 Days, 30 Songs initiative against Trump, Kathleen Hanna’s legendary electroclash trio Le Tigre have reunited for one purpose: To support Hillary Clinton.

The new track is titled “I’m With Her” — after one of Clinton’s campaign slogans — and in some ways is just what you would expect from a Le Tigre video in 2016. It’s got weird, aggressive dancing from the band members, jerky cuts to historical footage of women protesting for political rights and of course, footage of Hillary herself hard at work throughout her career. It was directed by Laura Parnes. The lyrics both skewer Trump and emphasize Clinton’s many accomplishments, while the chorus focuses specifically on the refrain “I’m with her.”

This is one of the only new songs Le Tigre have released since they went on informal hiatus several years ago, but it’s hardly surprising that they’d reunite for a cause like supporting the first female candidate for president from a major party. Le Tigre was always concerned with politics, particularly how they apply to the lives of women and the LGBT community. Watch the video above.